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Is anyone else far more motivated to work out when they have some of their favorite/new gear to don? Me too! I don’t know what it is about a new sports bra or pair of running shoes that honestly makes me feel like I can tackle the workout world! I also think that’s a great “treat yo’self” tool, one that I may use a little too much…

Today’s post is 2 parts: the first talking about some of my recent workout favorites, and the second part doing a much overdue review of my Apple Watch. So whether you’re just here for the links to all my sweaty favorites, or are debating whether or not to take the plunge into fitness trackers, feel free to scroll around the post!

I’ve posted a picture or two on Instagram of these amazing leggings. They’re smooth as butter, nice and tight to hold it all in, but still incredibly comfortable to wear whether I’m running or lounging. I purchased two colors in the longer “pant” version, but they also come in a crop! These leggings are like the luxury vehicle of athletic bottoms, they come with all the bells and whistles! They’re high-rise which I really like, I don’t have to keep tugging at them on a run, and they just hold in my tummy better than mid-rise bottoms. The material is a thinner dry-fit (you know, the “moisture-wicking,” serious sweaty stuff) material that is breathable and fluid. There are two small yet game-changing features in these leggings: the bottom hem, when cuffed up, has a reflective strip. Perfect for evening runs! They also have pockets. Yes deep pockets. Big enough to fit your phone/keys in so you can run hands-free. Score! I love wearing these for longer runs so that I can avoid unwanted chafing, and not have to death grip my phone with sweaty hands.

I talked about these running shoes a bit in this post, but I’ll say a little more here. I absolutely LOVE Mizuno. I’ve been running in them for several years now, and will probably never wear anything else. I’ve had just about every over-use injury in the book from my hips down, and these are the only shoes I’ve found that give me the support and structure I need without the heavy weight of most running shoes. The only down side is that the colors can be a bit much/dorky at times, but all completely worth it for a comfortable run. I’ve tried I believe three different styles, and have loved each one. Trying to decide on a shoe? Comment below or shoot me an email and I’d be glad to help!

|| TOP: Lululemon sports bra (on sale!) || BOTTOMS: Lululemon running leggings || SHOES: Mizuno running shoes ||

Apple Watch Review

I’m going to do this in more of a Q&A format since it’s easier to address things that way. These are questions I’ve gotten a lot from family, friends, coworkers, anyone curious. If you have any other questions that I didn’t answer here please feel free to ask and I can add it to the post!

Why did you buy it/what do you use it for? 

The summer after I graduated college, I wanted to get really into running. So I did lots and lots of research on fitness trackers and which ones were available, features they had, and read a lot of comparisons on different kinds (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, etc.). I wanted something basically that could track my runs–miles I ran, calories burned, steps I took in a day.

Why not a Fitbit? Aren’t those cheaper?

When I was looking at the various trackers and what I really wanted them to do, prices quickly escalated, and I realized that I was going to be spending about $300 on a decent fitness tracker, regardless of the brand. I actually did try out an entry-level Fitbit for a week and really didn’t like it. It wasn’t user-friendly, and really couldn’t do much. When comparing the Fitbit surge (which, at the time, was the most advanced one on the market) and the Apple Watch, there was only about a $50 difference between the two, but an astronomical difference in the quality of the products and the ability. Several people had told me that their Fitbit products didn’t last longer than a year, and couldn’t keep up with daily wear and tear. To put it simply, if I was going to spend $300+ on a fitness tracker, the added capabilities that the Apple Watch, and the fact that I know that it will last has far exceeded those of the Fitbit. Also, I liked that Apple has stores and tech support, people I can talk to if things go wrong or I need a repair. With Fitbit, it’s all done over the phone.

What kind did you get?

Since I just wanted the basics, I went with the entry-level model, 38 mm Apple Watch Sport. It still has all the same features as the other watch, its just the material isn’t sterling silver or gold, it’s made out of the same material as the back of your iPhone, that matte color. I purchased gold because it was my favorite, and originally, it came with a white band. I later swapped out the white for black. Really, when you’re buying your watch, I recommend choosing the face that you love most, because you can always swap out bands for other colors, different strap materials (leather, metal, etc.), or styles. Each watch comes with both a large and a small band, so you don’t need to worry about picking one. I use a small because I have really small wrists, which is also the reason I chose the smaller-sized face. And each band has several sizing notches (the little holes that you make it smaller or larger) to fit any wrist.

What’s the fitness tracker like, anyway? 

Amazing! Seriously it’s awesome. It tracks how many steps you take in a day, and how much exercise you’re getting. My favorite feature is the workout app. When I’m ready for a run, I simply go to the app, and select “Outdoor Run”. I can then choose a goal: distance, time, pace, or open (no set goal). While I’m running, with the flick of my wrist I can see the time, my mile pace, my distance, and how much time has elapsed. It even alerts you at every mile or halfway point! At the end of the workout, it gives you a little summary of all your calories burned, and you can save it onto your phone.

Do you need your phone to use your watch? 

The short answer: yes. If you want the full features of the watch, like your texts/calls coming through, the ability to play music and use apps, yes. Your phone can be a room or two away and still be connected to your watch, but you wouldn’t be able to leave your phone at home and run to the grocery store and still be able to call someone just using your watch. When I read reviews on the Apple Watch, the negative ones were mainly from people that thought the the Apple Watch would substitute their iPhones. The idea behind the watch is that it compliments your iPhone, it won’t replace it. For example, when I’m on a run and playing pandora, I can go into my watch and skip songs/stations, but I still need my phone there to have Pandora open and running, using data/wifi from my phone.

How often do you have to charge the watch?

You’ll need to charge the watch every night, just like your cell phone. Most of the time, mine could probably last for 1.5-2 days, but I charge it every night just to be sure. If I do a really long run that day, it may suck the life out of the battery with the workout app going non-stop for  an hour or so. I haven’t noticed that my phone dies quicker when using the Bluetooth to connect to the Apple Watch, either. But I always have my Bluetooth on, even before I had the watch, so I may not notice anymore.

How does the Apple Watch connect to your phone? 

The Apple Watch connects to your iPhone through Bluetooth. When you get the watch, there’s a very easy setup, and there’s even an Apple Watch app on your phone that will prompt you with connecting. From there, you can control all your apps that get transferred to the watch, review recent activity, and adjust any settings that you’d like.

Is it customizable?

Yes! Very much so! There’s tons of different watch faces you can chose from, and with some, you can even adjust the color that you want! For instance, you can have a photo as your clock face background, a chronograph, or even Minnie Mouse. I personally have a simple digital reading with the date and time, that is of course, pink. You can have all of your apps transferred from your phone, but I only transfer Pandora. You can even make a passcode for security, change the sounds or how intense the vibration from a notification is. It’s very unique to the person wearing it which is what I love.

Is Apple Watch waterproof? 

The first edition of the Apple Watch (the one that I have) is not waterproof. I have read of people swimming with theirs and it going just fine, but I’d rather not chance it. I also don’t really swim as a workout much so it doesn’t bother me. While it’s not officially waterproof, it can get wet. It’s made to stand up to sweat, occasional splashes, rain, small things like that. Mine has been drenched in wine a few times and is still kicking! The new Apple Watch 2, however, is completely waterproof.

Does it track your sleep? 

No. Apple Watches need to be charged every night (similar to your cell phone), and don’t have sleep tracking capabilities. I know Fitbit products can do that, but sleep tracking was not something that I was interested in at all. Mainly because I have absolutely no problem sleeping 🙂 My dad had a Fitbit for a while and was tracking his sleep, and would get so stressed about his sleep tracking that he would actually sleep worse! Poor guy!

Would you buy it again/recommend buying it?

ABSOLUTELY! I really love my Apple Watch, and have become quite the advocate for them haha! My roommate and old boss each just splurged and bought one and I’d like to think I had something to do with it 😉 They are an investment, but, like anything else, if you want it for the right reasons (do not buy it just so you can send texts through a watch!), it’s totally worth it and you’ll love it.


That’s all the questions I could think of regarding my Apple Watch, but if you have any others that I didn’t cover here, please don’t hesitate to DM me on Instagram, shoot me an e-mail, or comment below! I’d love to hear from you!


Cheers from Napa,



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