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Happy Almost Friday! Today’s post is all about running to the weekend (literally) in some of the cutest most versatile workout gear I’ve ever owned! I swooped up these sale leggings a few weeks ago and am loving them so much, I just had to share! Of course, I was automatically drawn to the bright pink color, who wouldn’t be?! But add the sale price tag, my favorite brand, and the extreme comfort level and I’m all about it, friends.

If you’re not one for the bright bold colors when it comes to workout gear, don’t fear! These leggings come in solid black, and this particular pair is reversible to a light heather gray! Pieces like this are so great in my opinion, because they can appeal to every color personality. I know that the pink can be a bit loud, so on days when I’m feeling a little more subdued, or want to wear my bright blue tank, I can switch to a calmer neutral. I love how these can be perfect for yoga or your go-to workout class, or just running to get a coffee on Saturday morning. I’ve been knotting this tee non-stop lately with both these leggings or my favorite cutoffs, and I love the cute easy look! I’m not sure why I took so long to get on the knotted tee train, but this girl is a BIG fan.

**Sidenote: as this post has published, my bright pink leggings have sold out, so here’s a similar pink pair here.

I posted about these sneakers before, but you guys, I finally did it and wore them out of the house! I was so terrified to don these little babies because they are SO. WHITE. Like seriously, almost blinding. Even when editing these photos I had to play around with the exposure because they wouldn’t even show up! Anyways, I love the crisp clean look I get from these shoes, and how they go with EVERYTHING. While I am terrified of someone stepping on me with a muddy shoe, I know that I can always wash or even bleach them when they get scuffed up! Oh, and they’re on sale and come in another color. ūüôā

|| BOTTOMS: Lululemon leggings || TOP: white crewneck tee || SHOES: Nike Roshe 2 || BOTTLE: Swell water bottle ||

Three Workout Tips

Not that I consider myself a workout guru or anything, but I was a division I athlete and do workout a decent amount, so I thought I might pass along some tips about working out. Whether you’re struggling to stay motivated or just dipping your toe into the sweat life pool, keep these helpful hints in mind!

  1. Don’t skip Monday’s.¬†This is by far my hardest one to follow. Monday’s are Monday’s and they’re a struggle just to get up for, much less work out. I’ve formed my running routine to run on Monday’s now, and have found that it really helps me to stay on track the rest of the week and start off strong! Even if it’s just something small, get your heart rate up, you won’t regret it!
  2. Never go more than 3 days without working out.¬†Obviously there’s going to be times when this happens: you’re on vacation, you’re sick, etc. But even if you take the weekend off, make sure to catch yourself up on Monday (because rule #1). Otherwise, I’ve found that you tend to slip pretty quickly if you go more than a few days without a good sweat sesh.
  3. You can do anything for 20 minutes.¬†This is also a great rule for Monday’s. On those days when you’re¬†reeeeeeally¬†not feeling working out, do it for 20 minutes. Typically, after 20 minutes (basically an intro to your full workout), you’re feeling ready enough to complete the workout, whether it’s a 40 min run, a cycle class, you name it. And if after 20 minutes you’re still really struggling, call it quits, you at least did a 20 min workout! Then get back at it tomorrow!

I hope these little tips can help you as much as they’ve helped me! We’re not perfect, so I don’t abide by these all the time, but they’re simple guidelines I try to follow as much as possible, and they’ve really helped amp up my workout schedule!

If you’re making any last Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases, I’ll have a few of my favorites styled for a chic casual look up here on Monday! I invested in a few great staple pieces that I think you guys will really love, so stay tuned!


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