Hats Off to Summer

Do you ever have those staple pieces that you wear more than you’d like to admit, and when someone asks you where you got it, your response is something embarrassing like, “Oh this? I found this in an abandoned desk drawer at work…”? No? Just me? Rats. Well, today’s look is including just that: a really great hat that was seriously found in a desk drawer at my work, and I’m obsessed with it. It must have been a gift from a barrel company, notice the logo plastered on the side haha. I was seriously looking all over for a hat like this, and was moments away from purchasing one before I chickened out, and then it literally fell into my lap a few days later! Dontcha just love when that happens?!

Head to toe, this look is full of great staple pieces. This top was actually one that I first saw on my roommate and new I had to have! The light fabric and loose silhouette make this tee perfect for these summer days! It’s somewhat of a convertible piece, since you can wear it off the shoulder, or with the sleeves up. The hem is almost like a dolphin hem, longer in the front and back while shorter on the side. And of course, a ruffle was not forgotten! I snagged this tee in white because I love any staple item in white, but you can also snag it in about a zillion other colors (including a super pretty blush!) here.

If you’ve been on my blog recently, then these raw hem skinnies will look familiar! I grabbed them during the Anniversary sale, but they’re back in stock in all sizes! They’re high-waisted and incredibly stretchy, so I recommend going down one size! Since there’s plenty of stretch, these jeans are perfect for when you over-do it at the dinner table (you’re welcome)! I was also so pleasantly surprised by the length on these jeans. Maybe because there’s no stitched hem, but they seem to hit exactly where I like it: right at my ankle. But not to fear, if they’re too long for you, they look absolutely darling cuffed up, too!  This is my first pair of raw hem skinnies and I love the edgier look they give off, and the dark wash keeps things classic and chic.

Now, I said that this look is full of staples from head to toe, so last but not least, everyone’s favorite flip flops. Keeping it California casual, I figured these babies would be the perfect cap to a cute and casual (my fav combo) outfit. They’re seriously the most durable and long-lasting sandals, the only time you’ll have to replace them is if you lose them or your mom throws them away. Both of which have happened to me in the past. These flip flops go with EVERYTHING. Dresses, gym clothes, cutoffs, seriously, any item in your closet. However, while I have my basic Rainbow flip flops that I can’t get enough of, I had seen this double-layer arch support style and wanted to give them a try. You guys, it’s heaven. I don’t have over-arched feet or anything, and these provide really comfortable non-stop support, I feel like I’m getting a mini massage or something! And while they are a bit steep for just a pair of flip flops, trust me when I say that they’re the only everyday pair you’ll need to buy for years.

|| TOP: Free People peplum top (on sale!) || BOTTOMS: Rag & Bone raw hem skinnies || HAT: straw hat (similar linked) || SHOES: Rainbow flip flops ||

I’m trying to power through this work week and get to the weekend, who’s with me?! I’ve got some fun stuff planned for me and my favorite guy and I can’t wait!


Cheers from Napa,





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