About Me

The Brown-Eyed Girl

My name is Troy, and I am the heart and soul behind Made in Missouri! Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, I moved to the golden state of California to attend school. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Viticulture & Enology from the University of California, Davis where I was a member of their Division I Women’s Lacrosse team, go ags! Currently, I am enjoying post-grad life in a cozy apartment in the heart of our nation’s wine country, Napa, California! I think you’re never too old to play dress up, especially if the dress is pink. When the question is a monogram, the answer is always yes. At least that’s what I was brought up to believe. My style is a little bit of trendy, a lot of comfort and athleisure wear, pink, and monograms, and just a little bit of sparkle sprinkled on top.  I love a good glass (or glasses) of wine, it’s all a part of my education, right?


The Blog

Made in Missouri is the product of a 4-year far-off dream that I had my freshman year of college. My friends had always been telling me that I should start a do-it-yourself and crafting blog along with some style ideas because crafting is one of my guilty pleasures. But because of my absolutely crazy schedule, it got put on the back burner. So after graduating, I decided “no time like the present!” and ta-da!  My little baby blog is a little bit of everything: style, my latest DIY project, my attempt at cooking, and home decor. My posts and musings are a combination of my amazing hometown of St. Louis, showcasing some of my favorites that are a must-visit when I’m there, as well as my newest and deepest love of all things California. 


Always happy to answer any questions you may have!