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November 2017

Cyber Monday Deals

Hi there, welcome back! I’ve really missed all of you. I apologize for the incredibly long break I recently took from blogging. Fall, October mainly, was an insane time to say the least. If you know me, you know that I work in winemaking, so fall is a very busy time for me. I’m constantly working so blogging oftentimes has to take the back seat. Not to mention, the devastation that was the Bay Area fires roaring through my home and workplace. Anyways, we’ll touch more on that later. I figured there was no better way to jump back into my blogging routine than with the biggest online day of the year! I know, so many sales, so many bloggers, so little time. I’ll start creating some gift guides and publish those soon, but for now, I’ll start with just a rundown of some of my favorite retailers, their discounts/coupon codes, and maybe an item or two that I like from them. Like always, if there’s a certain type of gift or person that you’re shopping for and would like a guide tailored to that, please let me know! Now grab your coffee and let’s tackle your holiday shopping! ANTHROPOLOGIE: […]

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