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January 2017

birthday blurb

I love birthdays, you guys. They are seriously so wonderful. Yes there’s presents (pssst, I linked some of mine below!), but more importantly, it’s the texts, phone calls, Facebook posts, etc. that remind you how much people love you. My friend and I were talking about it, your birthday is your day where everyone just shows you SO much love! You can’t feel bad on your birthday, amirite?! My birthday was this past weekend and I was overwhelmed with all of the love poured over me! It certainly was a wonderful feeling, and gave me all the happy thoughts! 🙂 I have a good feeling that 24 is going to be one for the books! Also, how am I already 24?! After work on Friday, I returned some birthday phone calls from Granny and my big sister, and then got to see Zach all dressed up (even though he was off work that day) getting out of the car after a 4 hour drive to come see me. All the heart eyes here! He drove up to Napa to spend the weekend with me and I was so grateful! We don’t get to see each other as much as we’d […]

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wine night no. 4

Cheers, pretty friends! It’s that time again, one of my favorite posts, wine night! As always, let’s take a moment for everyone to get settled with their slippers, comfy clothes, and most importantly, your wine! Red, white, non-alcoholic, sparkling, pink, orange (yes, there is such a thing), whatever your drinking, I’m glad we’re doing it together! Ready?!   Ok so in case this is your first wine night here, I like to have a little Instagram round-up in the first part of this post–go check it out at @madeinmissouri! Then after the round-up I’ll talk a little bit about what’s going on in my life! I like this post especially because it gives me a chance to share a little bit about me, to be personal and open with all of you, and to let you get to know the girl behind the blog! Annnnd as much as I love that part, I totally understand if you’re just here for the ‘grams, so here it is!   ***If you’re looking for some of the pictures from my trip to Cabo, I did a round-up post of those pictures here! || bell sleeve top || Tory Burch reversible belt || || Patagonia […]

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Winter Whites + Pop of Pink

You guys, I am so getting spring fever. I’d really love for this Napa rain to see it’s way out and for the warmer weather to roll in! Who’s with me?! Well some of my favorite retailers are, because spring stuff is already hitting the cyber shelves, and I am just giddy gathering tons of ideas for spring looks! Also because I wasn’t here last spring (I was in Australia), so I missed the shaking off the winter coats and ditching boots for sandal. More on that later. Today, I want to share a white-bright look that I have been wearing recently and am super excited to carry it into spring! Since blush is currently my crush color, I couldn’t resist when I saw this blush striped turtleneck at Madewell! The best part? The price! It was originally just under $40, but was marked down to $23 + an extra 30% off sale! Literally paid less than $15 for this little beauty, and it’s quickly becoming one of my go-to’s. Also, sidenote, who else was ECSTATIC when they found out about Madewell’s insider program?! Finally, my excessive Madewell purchases will be rewarded. If you’re interested in free shipping + monogramming […]

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December Favorites

I’ve decided I want to start something new this year, and that’s to give you a round-up of some of my favorite purchases/items from the month! December was a great months for goodies, so what better way to start than with a haul of some of my Christmas (and by Christmas, I mean half from Santa, and half things I picked up while shopping for others for Christmas…) faves! I’m trying to turn this into a YouTube video series, so please bear with me (trying to get the hang of all this)! Also, any suggestions, tips, advice, etc. on making these videos or requests would be more than welcome and appreciated! Anyways, without further adieu, here are my December Favorites! You can shop the items by clicking through to the Youtube channel (feel free to subscribe, there will be more coming!) and clicking the “Show More” tab under the video, and the links will be there! You can also shop via the thumbnail images below! ***I couldn’t get a thumbnail image for the earrings, so I’ve linked a similar pair here! Again, be patient with me while I work out all the kinks of this video business (like making sure my whole head […]

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A Tunic Tie-Dye For

Happy Monday frands! I’m slowly starting to get into a schedule with the blog and creating some consistency (hello New Years Res!). What that means is that I’ll try to post on the same days each week so we can settle into a routine and you know when to expect new content. So from now on, plan on a new post every Monday and Thursday of each week. Unless there’s a big sale I want to tell you guys about, or some random other holiday/event, let’s plan on meeting here on those days. Sound good? Great! You guys know I’m all about comfort when it comes to my outfits. Sometimes too much. But I love a good soft tee or comfy leggings, and think t-shirt/shift dresses are literally heaven-sent. So while my New Year’s Resolution is to incorporate more blouses and “stiffer” material, if you will, into my wardrobe, I will not shy away from the comfy cozy pieces we know and love. Especially when they’re this cute. I have loved Show Me Your Mumu for quite some time now, and wish I could fill my whole closet with it. Their pieces are all so colorful and fun and seriously […]

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