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November 2016

gift guide 2016 | beauty

I have really tried to hold off on starting gift guides until after Thanksgiving; I needed some time after Halloween to accept the fact that winter is upon us. That’s when the decorations can come up, Christmas tunes come on, and my holiday jammies come out! Now that we’re all getting ready for the holidays, I’m going to be posting some gift guides each week or so so that maybe we can try and avoid that last minute frantic shopping! Today’s gift guide is for the beauty queen. Whether you’re shopping for a make-up guru or a girl who doesn’t even own mascara, there are some great items on here that are sure to please! You can shop this guide (and all others following this one) by simply clicking on the photos at the end of this post, or the links below! Sidenote: if anyone reading this has any idea how to upload a picture of a guide where the photos in the guide are clickable/shopable, please let me know. Now back to the beauty! || Vitamin Enriched Face Base  || 1″ Flat Iron  || Nail Polish  || Urban Decay Palette  || Moroccanoil Treatment  || Perfume  || Brush Cleansing Palette  || Foot Cream  || Cosmetic Bag || Brush  ||   I have […]

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eep! black friday!

Rise and shine, beautiful! Black Friday is here! Step out of your turkey coma and apple pie hangover, and get ready to click your way through some amazing deals! It seems like Black Friday just keeps getting better and better each year. It’s gotten to a point where there’s practically an entire week dedicated to sales, and most are online so you don’t even have to leave your house and fight the traffic! 

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thanksgiving threads

Hello and welcome back! Sorry for the minor vacation from the blog, I just haven’t had the chance to shoot as many looks as I would’ve liked recently, and wanted to only put great content on here for all of you! So without further ado, my turkey day ensemble! Loosen those belt buckles, grab your comfiest oversized sweaters, and grab a fork because Thanksgiving is upon us! I love seeing all of the Thanksgiving outfit posts because it gives me some serious outfit inspo! In my family, holidays and gatherings are extremely casual. I am typically overdressed which I am perfectly ok with. This year, I’ll still be keeping true to tradition and leaving the skirts and holiday dresses at home, and shimmying into these high-waisted skinnies. This line of denim is a new favorite of mine. Madewell, you’ve done it again. These jeans are high rise (don’t think mom pants!) to kind of tuck everything in, but low enough that they still look stunning with a crop top. The long skinny cut through the leg to the ankle really elongates your legs. They’re also the perfect length for us shorties (don’t worry, tall gals, they come in ‘tall’ too!) […]

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ten happy things

It’s been a tough week, you guys. I’ve been feeling pretty stomped on the last few days (and have the pimples to prove it), haven’t you? Total mix of emotions, thoughts, and feelings, ya feel? So while I can’t give an immediate solution or a rewind button, I can give you today’s blog post. We all need a little light right now, so here’s ten happy things to make you flash those pearly whites! 1. This playlist. All you 90s babies, listen up. It’s so good it’ll take you right back to the days of the Olsen twins. Trust, it’s gold. Also, whenever I’m in a bad mood, all it takes is a listen or two of this song and boom. Problem solved. 2. A breath-taking Instagram account. 3. Grab a Christmas gift for your bestie that isn’t only darling but just all around good. Cute jewelry that helps give life back to trafficked women? That’s the good stuff. 4. Tiny animals in even tinier sweaters here. That’s all. 5. The Apple Watch update (or Series 2) came with this new breathing app. It literally senses when you’re stressed and takes you through a quick 1-minute breathing exercise to help you stay calm […]

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fall florals + otk boots

Happy You-Survived-Monday-Day! Anyone else think that Tuesday’s are just about as rough if not rougher than Monday’s? I do, but at least we’re one step closer to the weekend, and I have fun weekend plans with my visiting mama so I’m one very excited girl! Annnnnd, it’s Election Day! How exciting! I’m not one for politics so I’m just going to leave it at that! Now for the real reason you came, some serious fall florals. One of my favorite things (I feel like I say that a lot) about fall fashion is the beautiful patterns that I see on lots of different pieces. They come in really rich colors and just add a nice little pop to any outfit. I couldn’t pass up this floral smocked tunic for a few reasons. First, I have a weakness for tunics, they’re super comfy and loose, and look amazing with all types of denim and leggings. Second, the floral detailing is so fun and feminine. Third, SMOCKED. HEM. You guys, these types of hems are few and far between, but there’s just something so delicate and girly about them that just makes me weak at the knees! While I was originally saying […]

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