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October 2016

sweaters, scarves, and cardis…oh my!

Weather update: Napa has decided that since it’s too indecisive about what season it would like to be participating in, it’s just going to rain until it figures it out. And while I love a good rainy gloomy day, I’m a little concerned about the status of my photoshoots that were supposed to occur this weekend…stay tuned. Moving on to something way bigger and better than the Wizard of Oz himself, sweaters, scarves, and cardis! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites for today’s post. These little babies will be for sure staples in the coming weeks and months, and you need some (or all) of them in your life! I bought this cashmere sweater last year to pair with an oxblood-colored skirt, and never really stopped wearing it all winter. It’s incredibly soft, and the neutral charcoal color goes great with everything. I know what you’re thinking, “But Troy, cashmere is so expensive!” Buying a great cashmere sweater doesn’t have to break the bank, and for less than $100, your future warmer winter self will thank me. You’ll hear me tease California for it’s moderate climate, especially in the winter time. While I don’t find myself needing a […]

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feelin’ fall and edgy

Slowly but surely, you guys, fall is making its way to California. Thanks to the little bit of rain we’ve been having, those temps are making their way down, and I for one am very ready. I haven’t done a full fall favorites post (to come later), but I wanted to preview a few pieces that I’m really loving for this year, and I know will be on repeat. This look is really fun for me because it’s a little edgier than I tend to dress, making it fun to mess around with and add pieces to! As always, you can click on the links within the post or shop the pieces you love by clicking on the images at the bottom! We’ve all kind of established that we’re not quite done with the color blush, so it will definitely be a great transition color into winter, and I am accepting it gladly. If you know me, you know I’ve never met a pink I didn’t like, and blush is no exception. This super soft blush sweater (mine is from last year, similar linked!) goes great with any colored denim or leggings, and is super cozy. The color is very […]

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cozy cardi jacket

I’m pretending that fall is here to stay and starting to prepare my wardrobe, whether likes it or not! And a piece that will definitely be on repeat this season is this outrageously soft (seriously, think your favorite cozy blanket times 10) cardi jacket! No, I did not make that name up, the saleswoman at the boutique I bought it from politely informed me of its proper name when I was trying it on. I stumbled upon this beauty, better yet, the adorable boutique, Allison [in wine country], I snagged it from, a few weekends ago during St. Helena’s Sidewalk Sale (a must-see if you’re ever around when it happens)! Being the boutique enthusiast that I am, I couldn’t help but wander in and marvel at all the amazing pieces I found! This cardi jacket was way to soft to pass up, and anticipating my need for some serious snuggles in the fall and winter months, I knew it was a great buy. Unfortunately, I have run into the problem that I have oh too many times, in that this amazing little number is nowhere to be found online, so I’ve linked a similar one here! I really love this […]

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Are we there yet?

No, I’m not in a car referring to whether or not we’ve reached some magical place…rather, just in an awkward limbo wondering whether or not we’ve reached the magical season of fall! In living in California the past 5 years, I’ve noticed something in regards to the weather: it reeeeeeally doesn’t like to let go of summer. Honestly, we get the sunshine and shorts weather from about April to November. So as much as I want to break out the blanket scarves and riding boots right this second, California is simply not having it. It really just can’t quite make up its mind as to what season us lay people are supposed to be dressing for. It’s a bit awk-sauce, if you will. However, not to fear, because I have found the perfect ensemble to remedy such confusion! Finding great transitional outfits as we go from season to season is a must. And I feel like October is that prime month for such pieces! I’ve posted about this bell-sleeved sweater before, but there’s no stopping me because I seriously can’t get enough of it! Bell sleeves are such a huge trend this season, and this sweater nails them beautifully. Nothing […]

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Louis Vuitton Neverfull Review

July 30, 2016. No, not my birthday or anniversary or the day I graduated from college, better. It was the day I finally pulled the trigger and purchase my first Louis Vuitton bag! I went with the classic Neverfull, an easy everyday bag that I knew I would carry and love for years to come! After having this bag for a few months now, I figured I would post a review on this glorious bag (if you can’t tell, I LOVE IT!) and let you know my thoughts in case you’re thinking of buying one yourself! Now as we all know, Louis Vuitton bags are not cheap. Definitely the most expensive item I have ever purchased and will purchase for quite some time. So naturally, before buying my first one, I took a lot of time, reached out to a lot of people, and did a lot of research on my options. I knew I wanted the Neverfull tote, but it comes in three sizes and a few patterns/prints, so I had quite a few decisions to make. I’ll just go over the details of what I got and can compare between my options here. So from the three sizes, the […]

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