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September 2016

athleisure in lululemon

I don’t know who came up with this word, but whoever did, KUDOS! I feel like this is all the word we’ve been looking for. I mean, in my college days, I pretty much lived in athleisure wear, it was my collegiate uniform. In my mind, athleisure is any outfit containing one or more pieces of namely Lululemon (or any similar pieces along those lines) that is being worn by a person who let’s be real, has no intention of working out in it that day. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m willing to bet that 9 out of 10 times that I’m in my favorite Lulu leggings and a top, I’m heading to the nearest coffee shop, not the nearest gym. And I am not ashamed! However, on the off-chance that I had had my daily dose of caffeine and was ready to get my sweat on, you bet I was wearing something like this. || TOP Lululemon ‘Sweat Date’ Tank || SPORTS BRA Lululemon ‘Energy’ Bra || BOTTOMS Lululemon ‘Wunder Under’ Crops || SHOES Nike Air Max ‘Thea’ || I’ve been looking for a good loose-fitting tank that is practical but will let me show off the super fun straps on this sports bra. When […]

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wedding weekend in New Mexico

So as you know, I just spent the weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico to celebrate my cousin, Andi’s wedding! If you’re like me, you’ve never been to New Mexico, so I was honestly not sure what to expect…BEAUTIFUL, you guys. Just stunningly gorgeous, amazing weather, and one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. So here I go, packing my bags (my overly girly pink travel set), and it’s off to Albuquerque! Obviously in my comfiest travel sandals 😉 Just a little background info…my cousin’s fiancé (now wife!!!!) Leah was born and raised in the small town of Placates, New Mexico. It’s very special to her, and has become special to Andi,  so they decided they would tie the knot there. With both of them currently residing in Austin, Texas, it was an easy trip. The wedding took place at the home of a family friend who lived on this beautiful mountain ridge. The views were breathtaking, and the crisp fall weather was giving me all the feels. I had really been looking forward to this wedding weekend for such a long time. Mainly because it was a chance to spend some time with my family (can’t get […]

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wine night no. 1

Glad you could make it, friends! So this post is gunna be a little different than my normal ones. I’m going to start doing the occasional wine night (yes, I do invite you to read this while sipping on a glass of something good). It will consist of a round-up of some of my Instagrams, a little life update, and a few wine fun facts, including a “what I’m sippin’ on these days” mention. I just thought this would be something fun to let you guys know a little bit about me, and give you a chance to get the juicy deets on some of my pictures. Now, since this is just a test-post to see if you guys like this, I’ll stick mainly to small updates about me, and focus on the pictures. But since I get asked this question by just about everyone, I promise that during one of these wine nights I will explain fully what it is that I do, and how it landed me in Napa. But that’s later, for now, here goes! One of the things I love about living in Napa is that I’m about an hour and change away from a lot […]

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sandals & satin

When originally thinking of writing this post, I wanted it to be more of a fall look. But after putting the entire outfit together and deciding that I liked white jeans and sandals better than black jeans and booties changed the idea completely…dontcha just love when that happens?! Anyways, this satin tank is one that I think can be well versed come fall, but is still so great and light for these dwindling summer days! || TOP Free People Lace Inset Camisole || JEANS Hudson ‘Nico’ Skinnies || SANDALS Madewell ‘Boardwalk’ Lace-Up || LIPSTICK Maybelline ‘Smoking Red’ || COFFEE Starbucks Vanilla Latte || When I saw this satin camisole I was so drawn to it since it’s so delicate and different. I don’t typically wear satin since it’s not all that common, but I absolutely love this tank. The lace inlet is such a flattering touch to the plunging neckline, and saves us all from having to search frantically for a bandeau to match, or that our strapless bras won’t show. I can’t wait for fall to pair it with some cozy cardigans and distressed denim, but for a summery look I threw on these skinnies with it. This top is great dressed up or down, […]

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fall featuring white

I don’t know about you guys, but I really love unexpected sales. Especially when those sales are from one of my all-time favorite stores, Madewell. As a sister store of J. Crew, it’s that feminine sophisticated look that we all love, with some great staples and some great prices. Most of the time, you can find Madewell sale goodies for an additional 30% off with a special code (as listed on their site). However, what I didn’t know was that they offer a student discount of 15% off, just flash them your student ID! And right now, through today (9/15), they’ve amped it up to 20% off! So imagine my excitement when I sauntered into the store over the weekend and found this color block sweater already marked down to $50 (+30% off sale, +20% with my student discount)! I’ve been seeing a lot of white in fall looks, so I decided to go for an all-white ensemble. As usual, threw on my go-to white skinnies. I love seeing whites and browns together, so I added these flats (mine are pretty old, but I linked another pair I’ve had my eye on). They’re super comfy, and Steve Madden makes so many […]

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