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August 2016

leaving the nest

Flashback: it’s 2011. Senior in high school me is living in St. Louis, starting my college application process. Out of all of the schools in the world, I only have one requirement: I will not go to a school in Missouri. Even if I go one state over to Illinois, I will not go anywhere in my home state. Feeling somewhat like a caged bird, I want out of my hometown, and I want to go anywhere but here. While I love St. Louis, and have had a fantastic and very happy childhood, I want to see what else is out there. Fast forward to late April when I get the official “yes” from my wary parents to go to California and pursue my dreams. No, those dreams do not include winemaking (that comes later), but rather, playing Division I Lacrosse. So I pack my bags, buy a one-way ticket, and I’m off! Cue the O.C. theme song because California, here we cooooooommeeeee! For those of you who may be a little new here, I attended the University of California, Davis. This small but amazingly quaint little college town just outside of Sacramento, whose biggest crime is bike theft. At […]

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salty skin + tan lines + pool party

Grab your pool noodles and bikinis, you guys! I know that we’re all looking way forward to fall and cooler weather, but while it’s still scorching, I’m determined to throw one (or two, or three) more pool party! Granted, I may be the only one in attendance, but in the off-chance that any of you are looking to take a little dip, come on over! This post is one that I have honestly been meaning to do all summer long, and because of x, y, and z, I’m just now getting around to it. Better late than never right? I stumbled into this super cute store last year in Kirkwood, MO and snagged this tee. It’s crazy soft, and is such a cute graphic tee for summer! Since I did buy it two years ago, it’s kind of hard to find it (also because summer stuff is getting phased out). But the company, “written,” makes a bunch of absolutely adorable graphic tees, here is their website. I low-key want everything! I shimmied into these little  One Teaspoon cutoffs, perfect for everyday casual summer outfits. Warning, they are definitely shorties. Since I get a little self-conscious in cutoffs, I cut the second […]

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pink, please!

The beautiful color pink I don’t believe will ever get old in my eyes. It’s great in every shade on every body type and style. I seriously can’t wear it enough. So when I stumbled upon this pretty pink piece I knew it was fate and therefore needed to come home with me. For those of you not as pink-crazed as myself, this dress also comes in a slimming black. Even though summer is starting to come to a close (despite the fact that it’s still blazing hot here in Napa), I’m not ready to put away my sundresses and sandals just yet. Not to fear, I will be posting some new fall looks in the next coming weeks, but I want to soak up the very last of my summer wardrobe while I still can. And this dress is definitely something I want some more time with. SO PINK. SO CUTE. Sidenote: the exact dress I’m wearing was a random sale find, but the one I’ve linked on this post is literally it’s identical twin. When I tried it on, I literally couldn’t stop doing little princess twirls in it! It’s too much fun! I love it because it’s so […]

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what to wear: weddings!

It seems I’m getting to the age where a lot of people I know are getting engaged/married, which means that I can officially start posting about what to wear to a wedding as a guest! My cousin is getting married next month, and since it will be the first wedding I’ve been to since I was like 10, saying that I’m excited is probably a very large understatement. Annnnd thank goodness to lots of other fashion bloggers and amazing people I follow on Instagram, I’ve started to get a feel for appropriate wedding guest attire, and even gotten some amazing ideas for my wedding someday! Today’s post is just a round-up of some really great dresses that would be perfect for a summer wedding of all types. Whether it’s a small ceremony in a back yard, a formal ball gown and tuxedo blowout at Napa’s best country club (seriously, swoon!), or a quaint exchange of nuptuals on the beach, I’ve got you covered! Something I constantly have to remind myself when shopping for this kind of a dress is how much I’m willing to spend. Depending on the dress style I choose, is this something I can wear out for […]

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distressed denim + soft tees

We know it, we love it, we wear it nonstop. That super comfy, super cute, and super versatile distressed denim paired with a soft, loose-fitting tee. It’s basically my everyday uniform. I could go on and on about all the reasons I love it, but you probably already love it just as much as I do, so we’ll skip that part.   I snagged these jeans from Madewell last year, and pretty much haven’t taken them off since. They’re a higher rise style, so they kind of hold everything in if you know what I mean. 😉 The distressed is that pretty perfect level where you don’t have to tip-toe around the rips and holes praying you don’t completely obliterate them any time you sit down too, so that’s definitely a win in my book! Because don’t ya just hate it when you finally find a great pair of distressed denim and you wear them once and they never look as “perfectly distressed” as they did before your knee went through them?! Yeah me too. I’ve mentioned before that I’m fairly picky when it comes to the ankles on my jeans. These ones hit the mark, hitting me right below […]

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