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June 2016

4th of July

Personally, I find the 4th of July to be somewhat overrated, but any excuse to slap on some bright red lipstick I’m all for it. As you may have seen if you’ve visited a few times, I’ve recently just started getting pictures of myself up on here for blog posts. And while most of the time that means I spend an awkward 20 minutes alone in front of a camera, this shoot was totally different. I had such a blast! I had an amazing backdrop and an even better outfit! I’ve seen this adorable chambray OTS top all over the place, it’s way cute! I paired it with a pair of my favorite white skinnies and these poppy slip-on sandals to complete the RW&B look! ||Top: Chelsea28 ‘OTS Chambray Shirt’ || Jeans: Hudson ‘Nico’ Skinnies || Sandals: Tory Burch ‘Miller’ (Poppy Red Nappa) || You guys, look at the PERFECT backdrop I found for this shoot! It’s this random barn on the corner of a highway in Fresno. Zach says that he sees people there all the time taking senior pictures and whatnot. It’s like a low-key landmark in Fresno…not sure what that says about Fresno but more on that later. So when I decided to do a shoot for […]

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Rule #1: Always Protect Yourself

Million Dollar Baby reference anyone? Today I wanted to talk about my three favorite SPF skincare products for my face, lips, and body! We all know how important it is to protect ourselves against the sun, so finding products that we love AND get the job done are essential! I love a good tan as much as the next girl, but a good sunburn is no bueno…seriously I am such a whimp when it comes to sunburns. Not to fear, SPF is here! And with summer coming in hot (literally, its sweltering in California right now), vacations and pool days are upon us! Bikini Top: La Blanca Tangier Tile Triangle Top Body: Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Found this magic in a bottle thanks to my wonderful mom, who randomly brought it home from Target one night shortly before we were leaving for vacation. Neutrogena speaks for itself, it’s great for your skin. Not too oily to make you break out, and provides plenty of protection when you’re soaking up some serious rays. Annnnnd the best part…it smells AHHH-MAZING! No more yucky sunscreen smell, this stuff smells like beach in a bottle. Snag it from Target or any drugstore. Face: CeraVe […]

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DIY: pom-pom beach tote

It’s beach season my friends! Well, in my mind, it’s always beach season, but summer time means everyone else gets on my level. If you’re like me and come from a land-locked state, trips to the beach are highly anticipated, and few and far between. So when it comes to beach essentials, I’m quite the bargain hunter since I won’t be using them as much. So imagine my excitement when I find out that you can MAKE this designer tote for less than $50! Annnnnd it’s a super fun DIY project thanks to the ever-lovely Caitlin, author of Southern Curls & Pearls, one of my all-time fave fashion bloggers. She absolutely nailed the DIY pom-pom tote here. Being a sucker for fun (and beach related, duh!) DIY projects, as well as having a few upcoming beach trips planned myself, I got my booty to Michael’s and put my crafting pants on! I followed pretty much the same steps as Caitlin did, with the exception of a few little things. Catch my How-To below! What You’ll Need: -Scissors -Yarn (naturally, I chose pink) -Beach Tote (I snagged this one) -Flowers (not required, but seriously encouraged) Instructions: 1. Pom-poms: Michael’s has this […]

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Summer Must-Haves

I’m having some severe beach withdrawals, and with a couple sandy trips coming up soon, I decided to put together a little something with all the beauties on my summer wish list! The best part of summer is the bright, vibrant, beautiful prints and colors that come out to play, and the items on this list definitely all have that in common! For instance, this tote comes out in some beautiful colors each season, but how can you beat this pop of pink?! You can’t. And it’s on sale for $100? Don’t mind if I do. I love this tote because it comes in so many amazing colors (one for every season, week, day). It’s also super versatile: it’s great for traveling, going to the beach, just carrying all your everyday items. It’s basically a modern-day Mary Poppins bag. And if you want to get really festive, try out this ADORBS Kate Spade pom pom beach bag! I love a good festive beach bag as much as the next girl, but have a hard time really splurging on a bag that I’ll only use a few times a year. So thank goodness for one of my favorite bloggers, Caitlin, author […]

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Summer Whites

I’ve posted about this top a few times, but I felt like it deserved it’s very own blog special, especially since I finally found the most adorable wedges that match perfectly! I’ve searched high and low for my tank top, but I got it at a surf shop in Australia and can’t seem to find it online. The brand is Rusty, and they make a lot of cute tops and dresses, sort of similar to things you might find at PacSun or Tilly’s. Since I can’t find my exact top, I’ve linked ones with similar detail that I like here, here, and here. Now for my beloved wedges. These beauties from Tory Burch came out last summer, but with a $300 accompanying price tag. No thank you. I kissed them goodbye, shed a few tears, and tried to find some others that claimed my heart with their cuteness (I know, drama). So imagine my surprise when I was perusing the designer shoe aisles of Nordstrom Rack and there they were for 50% off! They came home with me 10 minutes later…I’m not one to splurge on wedges (as I’ve mentioned, I literally can’t walk more than 20 steps in them), but […]

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